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We are a job portal for British nationals and foreigners who would like to work in UK. We place more emphasis on nationals from countries that have recently joined the EU but do not preclude anyone form anywhere in the world who would like to work and live in our beautiful country.

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With its booming economy, strong currency and location close to the rest of Europe, people from all over the world have chosen to live in the UK, making it a truly diverse and cosmopolitan place. Its capital city, London, is one of the main financial centres of the world and is a meeting place for people from every world culture. While the UK still places great value on its charming ancient history and traditions, it is also famous for its modern culture, with names like The Beatles (pop group from the sixties) J.K. Rowling (children’s author of Harry Potter books) and David Beckham (footballer) all coming from the UK.

The UK is made up of four main areas - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is the furthest south and the largest of the four. Scotland is north of England where weather and geography is more extreme. Wales is to the West of England, and is the most mountainous. Finally, Northern Ireland is the northern part of Ireland which is separated from the rest of the UK by the Irish Sea. The Republic of Ireland, the southern part of Ireland, became independent from the UK in 1922. Unlike many other countries in the world, the UK is still a monarchy, which means that the Queen is the Head of State.

As the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK offers great opportunities for work in every skill and profession, and a lifestyle of fairness, decency, and respect. The UK is famous for being a multi-cultural society, welcoming people from all over the world.